Lascassas Volunteer Fire Department Closes When The New Year Rings-In

Dec 31, 2023 at 11:53 am by WGNS


(Lascassas, TN)  When the New Year rings-in, the closure will toll for a longtime emergency responder. The Lascassas Volunteer Fire Department will man the fire station for the last time New Year's eve. At the stroke of midnight, it will become "just a memory".







The volunteer group posted their final goodbye on FaceBook - Endings are sad… After 49 years of continuous service, this Sunday night, December 31, 2023 the Lascassas Volunteer Fire Department will man its fire station for the last time. As Rutherford County has grown, the local volunteer fire departments within the county have slowly been replaced by paid fire personnel employed by Rutherford County Government that can man the stations 24/7.

Lascassas Community Center's New Breath - The Lascassas Volunteer Fire Department would like to take a moment and thank the community for supporting our efforts so generously and for so long. While this change is sad, we have two exciting announcements. The two primary fire trucks owned by our department are being sold to Rutherford County. This money is being donated to the newly formed Lascassas Community Center Board who will in the coming weeks begin the process of remodeling our current fire hall into a community center that will we hope serve this community for generations to come.
Lascassas Fish Fry Returning - And YES, the rumors are true. There are plans to bring back the Lascassas Fish Fry. There is just something special about a community coming together around a meal and seeing old friends and making new ones.
Volunteering Continues--Serving Saturdays - Secondly, the current members of the LVFD are not done volunteering. The volunteer spirit is still strong within our organization and we are excited to be launching a new venture that will allow us to continue to serve those in need on their darkest day. Our organization will be rebranding and continuing as the Middle Tennessee Storm Response Team. Just this month, we have all been witness to just how quickly tornadoes can wreck a community. Our fire fighters will be transitioning to a fast response team that will go into areas affected by storms and help with cleanup and essential repairs on damaged homes. We hope to increase our membership with like-minded individuals who can take a day or two off work and join us.
Additionally, we will be launching “Serving Saturdays”, once a month our organization will come together to help community members in need with a service or building project, such as constructing a wheelchair ramp, an exterior repair, etc. More information on this will follow, but we hope you will consider volunteering or donating financially as we continue to serve our community.
THANK YOU LVFD - Once again, thank you for all your generous support. We will miss being YOUR first responders.

And so a page in Rutherford County history closed, but this caring group of highly trained, dedicated citizens who care about their neighbors will never be forgotten. The Lascassas Volunteer Fire Department has truly made a positive difference on the lives of those in this community.  THANK YOU!

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