Expanded School Choices Empower Rutherford County Parents

Jan 02, 2024 at 06:13 pm by WGNS News

RUTHERFORD COUNTY, TN - In a bid to provide greater flexibility and options for parents in Rutherford County, a transformative law passed a couple of years ago has paved the way for a multitude of educational choices for students... That was Jeff McCann, Rutherford County School Choice Coordinator.

Eagleville, as an example, currently has several open seats across various grades, allowing parents to opt for Eagleville Middle School instead of their zoned school by simply filling out an application. Another example as an option for students is the Rutherford County Virtual School, offering parents an open avenue to explore virtual learning for their children. However, interested parents must navigate the necessary application process to enroll their students in any of the local schools that have open seats.


McCann plays a crucial role in promoting these choice schools, collaborating with principals to reach out to parents and facilitate enrollment applications. The open choice application period is currently underway and extends until January 31, 2024. Following this, a lottery system will be implemented by each school with more applicants than available seats, ensuring a fair distribution. Any unclaimed seats will be made available again in April.

Looking ahead, the introduction of future charter schools will add even more diversity to the educational landscape... Unlike the existing schools under the Rutherford County School system, these charter schools will operate independently. Parents interested in these charter schools, once opened, will need to complete an application with the specific charter school they are interested in.

The emphasis on school choice reflects a commitment by Rutherford County Schools to be responsive to the diverse needs of families. By providing access to a range of K-12 education options, including high-quality community schools, specialized academic programs, virtual school programs, and more, the district aims to engage families as partners in their children's education. As the school choice movement gains momentum, Rutherford County Schools encourages parents to explore the myriad academic offerings and exceptional choices outlined in the School Selection Guide.

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