TSSAA Board of Control Votes on Siegel Disciplinary Action, Softball Changes, Classification & More

Jan 11, 2024 at 03:01 pm by WGNS

(HERMITAGE) The TSSAA Board of Control met in Hermitage on Thursday, January 11.

Among the changes locally, the board voted to remove the disciplinary action that was placed on Siegel High School stemming from an incident that occurred at their December 9, 2023 basketball contest.


They also approved a change in the sport of softball when they approved the recommendation of the TSSAA Softball Advisory Committee for the use of a double first base when available as permitted by state association adoption in the NFHS Softball Rules Book. The double first base would allow the fielder to use half the base and the batter-runner to use the other half with the intention to make it safer for both players at the bag.

A significant decision regarding classification was made by the Board when they voted to select a 4-year cycle for the next classification period (2025-2029). Enrollment methodology for determining the number of classes would be set for four years. At the 2-year mark, enrollments would be taken and schools would be re-distributed into their respective classes based on the methodology that was determined at the beginning of the classification period. District and region alignment is redone based on new enrollments for all schools regardless of the percentage of change for a particular school.


Financial reports for golf, volleyball, girls' soccer, cross country, cheer and dance, and football were approved by the Board.

Potential plans for a new TSSAA office building were discussed and the board voted to approve moving forward with the planning of a new TSSAA office building at the current site.

A proposal that schools who host a cooperative agreement must combine their enrollment with 33% of the enrollment number of the school that they establish the cooperative program with for classification was not approved.