County Schools Two Hours Late, Option to Close

Jan 22, 2024 at 05:23 pm by WGNS

Rutherford County Schools announced late Monday the intention to open two hours late on Tuesday as we dig out of the winter storm that left several inches of snow and bitter cold.

Chief Communications Officer James Evans said there are some icing issues at school parking lots and some secondary and rural roads. With that in mind, they plan to re-evaluate conditions early Tuesday morning with the option to close schools if conditions aren't better. That announcement would be made no later than 6AM.


Temperatures will remain above freezing overnight and through the day Tuesday, which will help with melting. Plus, rainfall will aid in the clearing of remaining icy patches.


Hello parents,

This is Rutherford County Director of Schools Jimmy Sullivan, and I want to tell you our plan for schools on Tuesday, Jan. 23, 2024.

We do plan to have schools open Tuesday, but we have several ice issues remaining in our school parking lots and some of our secondary and rural roads. However, temperatures are forecast to remain above freezing overnight and throughout the day tomorrow, and rain is expected to begin in the early morning hours.

So our plan, as of tonight, is to open all schools two hours late on Tuesday, Jan. 23. This will allow time for additional melting to occur overnight and for the rain to move in. We will re-evaluate conditions in the early morning with the option to close schools if conditions have not improved. We will make a final announcement no later than 6 a.m.

We know this timing is not convenient for all parents, but we are doing all we can to safely open schools tomorrow. Again, as of tonight, we intend to have schools open Tuesday, but starting two-hours late.

Two hours late means you should take your normal school start time or bus stop time and add two hours. So if your bus normally picks up your children at 6 a.m., then your children will be picked up Tuesday at 8 a.m. School drop-off times for car riders will also be adjusted by two hours.

Parents, we appreciate your patience as we have worked through these weather issues. We know closing schools makes it hard on parents, especially those who must miss work or arrange childcare. All our decisions over the past week have been made from a position of safety.

Thanks again for understanding and for your support.

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