Rutherford County Schools Advance Plans for Batey Elementary in Blackman Community

Jan 26, 2024 at 06:38 am by Chandelar Williams

RUTHERFORD COUNTY, TN - During a recent session, the Rutherford County Schools Board of Directors made significant strides towards the construction of the new Batey Elementary School within the Blackman community. Among the key decisions, the board voted on various funding options, including a request of $25 million from the county commission to facilitate the building process.
At a specially convened meeting on January 22nd, the board advanced the project by appointing R.G. Anderson Company of Nashville, whose base bid stood at $48.4 million, to oversee construction. With an estimated total project cost of $59.8 million, this includes allocations of $2 million for construction-related contracts, $4 million for furniture, fixtures, and equipment, and $900,000 for design. Additionally, the board had previously greenlit $4.5 million for architect fees and site development.
In further efforts to secure funding, the board resolved to earmark $30 million from the RCS budget towards the Batey Elementary project. Notably, RCS Director Dr. James Sullivan proposed a reduction of the total project amount to $25.3 million, a sum to be requested from the county commission through a bond issuance. These collective measures mark significant progress towards the realization of this essential educational infrastructure in the Blackman community.
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