Under Construction: Rutherford Collegiate Prep: K-8 Charter School August 2024

Feb 06, 2024 at 05:03 pm by Chandelar Williams

Rutherford Collegiate Prep (RCP) is under construction at 4420 Manson Pike in Murfreesboro, expanding from a K-6 to a K-8 school set to open in August 2024-2025 school year. The school's mission, as stated on its website, emphasizes personalized, engaged, and challenging learning environments to enhance academic, social, and emotional growth. RCP prioritizes whole-child learning, focusing on six core values including excellence, collaboration, and student ownership.
Managed by Noble Education Initiative (NEI), RCP aims to offer a comprehensive K-12 education option. The school will feature modern facilities including state-of-the-art classrooms, labs, and collaborative spaces. ReThink Forward, the organization behind RCP, aims to prepare students for post-secondary success by fostering critical thinking and lifelong learning skills.
Led by Dr. Dan Boone and supported by education professionals like Thomas Lee and Rebecca Dinda, RCP faced initial opposition from the Rutherford County School (RCS) system but gained approval through an appeal process with Tennessee’s Public Charter Commission in 2022.
While the first year’s test scores for ReThink Forward's previous charter school, Nashville Collegiate Prep, are lower than the state average, their student's academic progress exceeds the state average. This success is notable given the higher proportion of economically disadvantaged and English language learners in charter schools.
For additional information, please visit their website at https://www.rutherfordcollegiate.org/, contact them by phone at (615) 600-4713, or email them at info@rutherfordcollegiate.org.
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