Stones River National Battlefield OPEN Again!

Feb 08, 2024 at 01:21 pm by WGNS


(MURFREESBORO)  The north end of Murfreesboro has been under a plume of smoke while the specially trained wildland firefighters from the Mississippi River Fire Management Zone completed a three-day controlled burn at the Stones River National Battlefield. 

Supervisory Park Ranger Jim Lewis told WGNS that the burn began Tuesday (2/6/2024) and continued until noon on Thursday (2/8/2024).  Within an hour after the burn, visitors were walking the charred paths and fields. 


Lewis explained that around 148-acres were burned, "These prescribed burns are a part of the park’s Fire Management Plan. The areas to be burned include the McFadden Farm Unit and fields near the park visitor center and the western edge of the Nashville Pike Unit."

The goals of the burns are to promote the growth of native species. Fire will also recycle nutrients into the soil and help control invasive plants. The burns will be conducted only if weather conditions fall within a narrow range that provides for the greatest safety and best smoke management. 

Again, the Stones River National Battlefield is now open to walking and learning about history. In addition, renovations in  the Visitors Center have been complete.

Lewis noted, "Damaged water pipes are still preventing the visitor's center to have their normally large restroom, however there are portable units in front.

There are two entrances: one is on Thompson Lane, across from New Vision Baptist Church.  The other is at 3501 Old Nashville Highway. 

Conversation with Supervisory Ranger Jim Lewis

WGNS' Bart Walker spoke with Lewis about the controlled burn as well as improvements at the facility. 

  (Playing time: 4 min. 17 sec.)

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