Dr. Craig McCabe of McCabe Vision Center is the WGNS Action Line Guest

Feb 12, 2024 at 11:56 am by WGNS News

Tune in to the latest episode of the WGNS Action Line, where host Scott Walker engages in an insightful conversation with Dr. Craig McCabe, an esteemed eye doctor based in Murfreesboro. During the show, Dr. McCabe addresses inquiries from listeners, delving into topics that involve the eyes, various eye surgical procedures and more.

For those intrigued by Dr. McCabe's expertise or seeking to schedule an appointment, further information can be found on his website at McCabeVisionCenter.com or by contacting his office directly at 615-904-9204. Conveniently located off Memorial Blvd. at 122 Heritage Park Drive in Murfreesboro, Dr. McCabe's practice offers accessible and comprehensive eye care services to the community. Don't miss out on this informative episode - listen to the full WGNS Podcast for valuable insights into eye health and care.