18-Wheeler Mishap – Stuck in the Mud

Feb 15, 2024 at 01:59 pm by WGNS News

Photo submitted by WGNS listener.

MURFREESBORO, TN - A mishap involving a tractor-trailer truck caused traffic chaos on Thursday morning around 11 AM. The big rig became lodged in the mud while attempting what appeared to be a U-turn near Bumpus Harley Davidson on Broad Street in Murfreesboro. The incident prompted a response from the Murfreesboro Police Department after they received a distress call reporting the stranded truck.


According to the Computer Aided Dispatch card from the Murfreesboro Police Department, the call detailed a motorist in need of assistance due to the tractor-trailer becoming immobilized just past the Harley Davidson dealership on NW Broad Street. The predicament, which only involved the single semi-truck, brought traffic to a standstill as efforts were made to resolve the situation.

The impact of the incident rippled through the thoroughfare, causing significant delays and disruptions to commuters heading into Murfreesboro and towards Smyrna. Traffic came to a halt, with inbound lanes towards Smyrna also experiencing shutdowns to facilitate the extrication of the large vehicle from the muddy terrain in the center median.

Authorities worked diligently to clear the scene and alleviate the congestion, with the tractor-trailer eventually being turned around and either pulled or pushed out of the mire. While the ordeal caused inconvenience and frustration for motorists, no injuries were reported as a result of the incident.

As traffic gradually resumed its flow, the incident served as a reminder of the challenges posed by navigating large vehicles through urban thoroughfares and the importance of caution when maneuvering in adverse conditions.



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