Second Positive Aging Conference Scheduled for April

Feb 19, 2024 at 09:38 pm by WGNS News


MURFREESBORO, TN - The Second Positive Aging Conference is being planned and has already been scheduled for April 5, 2024. Dr. Deborah Lee, NHC Chair of Excellence in Nursing , highlighted some of the secrets to aging well... Physical activities and eating well also play a role in a longer life.


The upcoming conference will delve into critical aspects of aging, offering insights into mental health, opioid use, nutrition, veteran benefits, longevity strategies, and technologies for staying connected. The conference, designed as an educational forum for older adults in the community, promises valuable learning experiences and opportunities to engage with experts and peers.

Registration is now open for the second MTSU Positive Aging Conference, scheduled for April 5 at the MTSU Miller Education Center in Murfreesboro. The registration fee is $35. Registration will conclude March 22. Registration and conference speaker details are available by going to and clicking on the registration link or the conference agenda link.


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