Mobile Phone Outages Disrupt Emergency Communications in Rutherford County and Beyond as Issues Persist for Multiple Cellphone Providers

Feb 22, 2024 at 09:16 am by Chandelar Williams

UPDATE: Since the news of an outage was first reported,  much of AT&T has been restored,  along with outages reported by other phone providers across the U.S. however,  a reason for the outages has yet to be released. 

PREVIOUS: RUTHERFORD COUNTY, TN - Residents of Rutherford County relying on AT&T and FirstNet services have encountered a significant setback, as a widespread outage has hampered voice and data communications, including emergency calls to 911. The Rutherford County Emergency Communications District received notification from AT&T regarding the inability of wireless customers to initiate or receive calls on their mobile devices within the county.


The Murfreesboro Police Department has been actively engaged in managing the situation with 911 calls, reporting that AT&T's technical teams are working to address the issue. While efforts to mitigate the problem are underway, some services are gradually being restored, offering a glimmer of relief to affected individuals.

CBS News has more on the story nationwide...

The impact of the outage extends beyond AT&T users, with other major cellular service providers such as T-Mobile, Verizon, UScellular, and Consumer Cellular also experiencing disruptions, according to reports from, a website monitoring cellular network status.

The reported outages have affected cell service customers on a large scale, prompting concern among residents and authorities alike. These problems have hit major cities within the United States and the problems involves a long list of cellphone service providers.

With emergency communication services compromised, the situation underscores the critical importance of reliable telecommunications infrastructure, especially during times of crisis. It does appear that the spike in outages for mobile phone and internet service providers hit the U.S. at 4 AM Thursday morning and increased greatly by 7 AM. Those problems look as if they will continue as little relief has been reported throughout the U.S.

WGNS continues to monitor this developing story closely and urges listeners to stay informed by checking for updates as the situation unfolds. As efforts to restore services progress, residents are advised to remain vigilant and explore alternative means of communication if necessary.


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