Police Commend Smyrna Officers for Halting International Vehicle Theft Ring

Feb 24, 2024 at 09:49 am by Chandelar Williams

Smyrna, TN - Smyrna Police Department Commends Officers and Communication Personnel for Disrupting International Vehicle Theft Ring
In a recent development, Smyrna Police Officer Justin Hayden, alongside communication personnel Clarie Fultz, Bryan Arnott, Makayla Shannon, and Carmin Arnold, have been commended for their role in uncovering and thwarting an international vehicle theft operation.
The incident unfolded when Nissan reported a suspected stolen vehicle from their assembly plant. Officer Hayden promptly responded to the call, and with information from Nissan about the vehicle's GPS locator in Oak Ridge, Texas, the team sprung into action. Collaborating with law enforcement agencies in Texas, Smyrna Police Department dispatchers played a crucial role in identifying numerous stolen vehicles linked to an international vehicle theft organization.
As a result of their coordinated efforts, the responsible parties were apprehended, and a total of 25 stolen vehicles, including the one reported by Nissan, were recovered. These vehicles were believed to be destined for shipment to West Africa as part of the illicit operation.
This commendation is a testament to the dedication and proactive approach demonstrated by Officer Hayden and our communication team, stated [Police Chief/Spokesperson]. Their swift action and effective teamwork have not only disrupted criminal activity but also safeguarded the community.
The Smyrna Police Department extends its gratitude to all involved parties for their commitment to ensuring the safety and security of Smyrna residents.
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