Middle Tennessee Electric: Powering Communities Through Ad Valorem Tax Support

Feb 26, 2024 at 04:32 pm by Chandelar Williams

Middle Tennessee - Middle Tennessee Electric (MTE), a not-for-profit electric cooperative, plays a significant role in supporting local governments despite its tax-exempt status. Through the ad valorem tax, MTE contributed over $8.3 million to local governments in its service area this year. These payments, ranging from thousands to millions of dollars, are based on assessed property values in each county and city.
Rutherford County received the largest share of $4,037,648, with additional payments made to various cities and towns including Murfreesboro ($1,320,406), Eagleville ($2,623), La Vergne ($13,402), and Smyrna ($97,925).
The ad valorem tax, assessed annually based on the value of MTE's infrastructure, such as buildings, substations, transformers, poles, and lines, is essential for funding local government operations and programs benefiting residents.
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