Smyrna Public Works Shares Brush Pick-Up Tips for Residents

Feb 28, 2024 at 12:53 pm by Chandelar Williams

Smyrna, TN - As spring approaches, many residents in Smyrna, Tennessee, are getting ready for outdoor activities like trimming trees and bushes. To help streamline brush pick-up, Smyrna Public Works has provided helpful tips for residents to follow:
- Utilize biodegradable (heavy paper) leaf/lawn bags for leaves, which can be found at most hardware stores. Plastic bags will not be collected.
- Ensure that brush is placed in one pile near the road, away from trees, mailboxes, fences, utilities, and overhead wires. Avoid leaving brush in ditches for safety reasons.
- Limbs should have a maximum diameter of six inches.
- The brush pile must be parallel to the road and should not exceed ten feet by ten feet.
- Do not include vines, loose leaves, root balls, building materials, plastic, metal, wire, cardboard, paper, household garbage, or glass in the brush pile.
- Leaf bags should be placed at the edge of the yard, also in biodegradable (heavy paper) bags. Plastic bags will not be collected.
- Avoid placing brush directly on the street for safety reasons.
- Residents do not need to schedule brush truck pick-up; trucks cycle throughout the city. However, the volume of pick-up can impact the time needed to complete each section.
- Brush pick-up service is specifically for residential citizens and is not provided for commercial properties or apartment complexes.
For more information and detailed guidelines, residents can visit the Smyrna Public Works website at
By following these tips, residents can contribute to a smoother and more efficient brush pick-up process while ensuring the safety of public works personnel and the community as a whole.
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