Upgrades Underway at Old Fort Park to Include Renovated Tennis Courts, Added Pickleball Courts, New Skatepark and More

Feb 29, 2024 at 07:28 am by WGNS News

MURFREESBORO, TN - One of Murfreesboro's longstanding parks, Old Fort Park, is undergoing significant changes and upgrades under the management of the department. Assistant Parks and Recreation Director Thomas Laird provided insight into the latest developments at the park and golf course...

Among the notable upgrades is the construction of a new skatepark and pump track within Old Fort Park. Laird expressed optimism, indicating that skateboarders could potentially enjoy these new facilities as early as this summer, pending smooth progress as planned... The addition of the skatepark and pump-track are poised to enhance the recreational offerings of the park, while encouraging area youth to head outdoors.


On a positive side-note, reports reveal a savings for taxpayers as the city's street department stepped in to assist with the construction efforts of the skatepark. By undertaking site preparation and grading work before the pouring of concrete, the street department's involvement has contributed to a reduction in costs, aligning with efficient resource management practices.

Old Fort Park holds historical significance, with its origins dating back to the city's acquisition of the land approximately 12 years before its official dedication as a community park. Originally a private farm when purchased in 1965, the transformation into a public park culminated in its opening in 1977. Initially spanning 50 acres, the park debuted with essential amenities such as picnic shelters, playgrounds, baseball fields, and tennis courts, offering ample space for families to engage in recreational activities.

As the City of Murfreesboro continues to invest in the enhancement of its parks and recreational facilities, the ongoing improvements at Old Fort Park display a commitment to providing quality outdoor spaces for residents to enjoy. With the forthcoming skatepark and pump track, coupled with efficient project management to optimize taxpayer dollars, the park is poised to remain a cherished destination for leisure and recreation in the community.



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