Painful Eyes, Tired Eyes, Headaches and More, All Tackled on the Action Line with Dr. Craig McCabe

Mar 11, 2024 at 09:00 am by WGNS News


Listen the latest episode of the WGNS Action Line podcast, hosted by Scott Walker, as he talks to Dr. Craig McCabe, a distinguished eye doctor based in Murfreesboro. In this episode, Dr. McCabe tackles a long list of questions from listeners, to include the challenging problem of headaches, strabismus surgery, astigmatism and surgery for astigmatism. He also answers questions about eye pain and why your eyes feel tired or make you feel tired – and you'll be surprised at his answer, which is often easy to solve.

Learn more about Dr. McCabe at You can also call his office at 615-904-9204. McCabe Vision Center is off Memorial Blvd. at 122 Heritage Park Drive in Murfreesboro.