Warning: Scammers Target Rutherford County Residents with Jury Duty Threats

Mar 20, 2024 at 06:01 pm by Chandelar Williams

Rutherford County, TN - Residents of Rutherford County are being urged to remain vigilant as scammers continue to prey on unsuspecting individuals by posing as law enforcement officials and issuing false threats regarding jury duty obligations.
According to Circuit Court Clerk Melissa Harrell, one local woman fell victim to the scam, losing a staggering $4,000 to fraudsters who masqueraded as a sheriff’s chief deputy and threatened arrest for purportedly missing jury duty. The scam, orchestrated by individuals claiming to be Sheriff’s Deputy Chief Britt Reed, involved demanding payment of $1,000 worth of cryptocurrency or gift cards to evade arrest.
Cryptocurrency, a form of digital currency, has become a favored medium for scammers due to its anonymity and ease of transfer.
Harrell’s office has been inundated with reports from jurors who received similar threats, indicating that scammers are specifically targeting individuals summoned for jury duty. It's worth noting that authentic law enforcement officers, including sheriff’s deputies, do not solicit money, cryptocurrency, or gift cards to address jury duty matters.
Despite this, scammers persist in leveraging the names of law enforcement officials to instill fear and extract funds from their victims. In addition to impersonating Deputy Chief Britt Reed, scammers are also invoking the name of Sheriff’s Lt. Will Holton to intensify their intimidation tactics.
Residents are urged to exercise caution and refrain from engaging with individuals who demand payment over the phone. If confronted with a similar call, it is advised to promptly hang up and refrain from providing any personal or financial information.
For those who are unsure about the legitimacy of a call, the Sheriff’s Office can be reached at 615-898-7770 to verify the authenticity of the communication and confirm whether it is indeed a scam. This proactive approach can help thwart further attempts by scammers to deceive and defraud unsuspecting individuals in the community.
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