Beware: Scam Social Security Notices

Apr 05, 2024 at 11:39 am by WGNS News

Photo from the Coffee Co. Sheriff's Office

In a recent release by the Coffee County Sheriff's Office, residents are warned to exercise caution in what and who they respond to. The warning came after receiving reports from several citizens about suspicious notices concerning potential criminal activity. These notices, which have been circulating in the neighboring area, are confirmed to be part of a scam designed to obtain personal information and defraud individuals out of money or steal their identity.


According to the Coffee County Sheriff's Office, these fraudulent notices are yet another attempt by scam artists to exploit unsuspecting individuals. The notices often mimic official government correspondence, appearing to be from state, local, or federal agencies. However, they are merely a ploy to deceive recipients into disclosing sensitive personal information or making payments to fraudulent entities.

Authorities emphasize the importance of using caution when encountering such notices. They advise residents not to respond to any numbers or emails provided in these suspicious communications. Instead, individuals are urged to independently verify the legitimacy of any correspondence claiming to be from a government office.

The Sheriff's Office advise citizens to always verify the authenticity of any communication from government agencies by cross-referencing official contact information obtained from reputable sources. As always, it is essential for individuals to stay informed about potential scams targeting their communities.


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