Tennessee Launches $30,000 Tuition Aid Program for Behavioral Health Master's Students

Apr 10, 2024 at 04:15 pm by Chandelar Williams

Tennessee - As the academic year draws to a close, Tennessee is unveiling an unprecedented opportunity for students pursuing careers in behavioral health. For the first time ever, the state is offering up to $30,000 in tuition aid for master’s degrees in counseling, psychiatric nursing, social work, psychology, or similar behavioral health professions.

Eligible students, who must be Tennessee residents, can now apply for tuition assistance for the Spring 2024 semester and beyond (Apply Here). To qualify, applicants must be enrolled or in the process of enrolling in an accredited higher education institution within the state.


The initiative aims to address the growing demand for qualified professionals in behavioral health while also providing financial support to students pursuing these vital careers. Recipients of the scholarship will commit to working at a state-funded community behavioral health agency that serves individuals with the greatest needs and the least ability to pay.

In exchange for the tuition assistance, scholarship recipients agree to work at one of these agencies for the same duration of time as the support received, which spans a two-year period. Work commitments may occur concurrently with their education or after graduation.

This groundbreaking initiative not only provides financial support for students but also ensures that Tennessee communities have access to essential behavioral health services. It represents a significant investment in the future of mental health care in the state.

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