Learning How to Fall and Getting Healthier in Age - with Melanie Cavender at Adams Place

Apr 12, 2024 at 09:15 am by WGNS News

1925 Memorial Blvd. in Murfreesboro, TN

In today's podcast, WGNS' Scott Walker engages in a conversation with Melanie Cavender at Adams Place in Murfreesboro, shedding light on the transformations that accompany aging and exploring how individuals can take proactive steps to enhance their physical fitness throughout life's natural progression.

As we grow older, tasks that once felt effortless gradually become more challenging. Among the common concerns voiced by seniors, the fear of falling often looms large. In fact, many may start avoiding certain activities altogether to sidestep this fear. However, Cavender, boasting over 14 years of experience teaching various fitness programs at Adams Place in Murfreesboro, offers seniors invaluable insights into exercise techniques designed not only to enhance physical fitness but also to educate older adults on fall prevention strategies and proper methods for transitioning from seated to standing positions, among other vital skills.


In her efforts to alleviate the fear of falling, Cavender also imparts knowledge on how to minimize injury through proper falling techniques and assists individuals in regaining their balance.

As we age, changes in motor skills, muscle development, and balance are inevitable. Nevertheless, there are adjustments we can make and exercises we can incorporate to counteract diminishing strength and agility. Equally crucial is the willingness to acquire new skills and perspectives on our daily activities and challenges.

About AdamsPlace: AdamsPlace is a senior living facility offering residential independent living, a memory care unit, and a health care center specializing in rehabilitation services and more. Founded by the late Dr. Carl E. Adams, a respected physician and lifelong resident of Middle Tennessee, and Jennie Mae Adams, AdamsPlace embodies their vision of a "campus concept" of lifecare facilities for older adults. Their aim was to provide seniors with a secure, caring environment where they could age gracefully, unburdened by the daily responsibilities of maintaining a home.

Adams Place
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