Local Entrepreneurs Unite to Form a Company Supporting Other Businesses

Apr 15, 2024 at 05:30 pm by WGNS News

Alicia Stachura and Kristin Demos

Middle, TN– Today marks the exciting debut of Foundations First (F1), a dynamic duo determined to revolutionize the business facilitation landscape. With a shared passion for guiding missions and ensuring organizational values are embedded in every aspect of a company, Kristin Demos and Alicia Stachura are set to bring their expertise to businesses seeking a transformative journey.

As seasoned professionals, Kristin recognized the need for a consultancy that not only addresses strategic objectives but places a strong emphasis on mission & vision clarity and the cultivation of core values. With this vision in mind, Kristin and Alicia have pooled their talents, skills, and experience to establish F1.


"At F1, we understand that success is not just about profit; it's about purpose. We believe that a well-defined vision and mission, coupled with strong core values, forms the foundation for sustainable growth and a thriving workplace culture," said Kristin Demos, Founder of Foundations First.

The services offered by F1 are designed to guide organizations through the intricate process of clarifying their vision and mission statements, aligning strategies with values, and fostering an environment where employees are not just contributors but passionate advocates for the company's purpose.

Key Services Include:

  • Vision and Mission Development and Refinement: Crafting, refining, or redefining vision and mission statements that resonates with the organization's identity and goals and preferred future.

  • Values Integration: Assisting businesses in identifying and integrating core values into their operations, ensuring alignment with organizational objectives. This drives culture, fostering employee engagement and commitment and is a core component of brand building.

"We are excited to embark on this journey with our clients, collaborating to create purpose-driven organizations that not only succeed but also make a positive impact on society. We want to empower leaders to embody and champion the organization's mission, vision and values, creating a top-down cultural shift.” added Alicia Stachura with Foundations First.

For more information about Foundations First (F1) and the services they offer, please visit website or email f1facilitation@gmail.com. Follow them on Facebook, Instagram & Linkedin @f1facilitation.

About Foundations First: Foundations First exists to relieve tension by guiding clients through simple, efficient processes to establish foundational statements and growth strategies.

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