Does Murfreesboro have a law against "Rooster Squatting"?

Apr 20, 2024 at 10:03 am by WGNS

Murfreesboro, TN - Are there free roaming chickens in any US cities? Some communities in Nevada and California permit it.  And of course, it's a major tourist attraction in Key West, Florida, a community of 25,000 residents. Is Murfreesboro joining these unique communities?

WGNS learned about Brewster the Rooster who is reportedly squatting on South Church Street and the Boardwalk system home.


Reliable sources told WGNS' investigative reporter that Brewster is enjoying the undergrowth around the Murfree Spring wetlands along with specially selected downtown business in the area. In fact, he is now so comfortable with his human neighbors, that Brewster stands in front of business doors and begs for food.

You’ll have to admit he is cute, and often his approach works as Heart of Tennessee residents dole out the grain and Brewster in return does a little dance for them.

Since the City has laws against roosters, can Brewster remain? He has no owner, so does the city have to go through the court system and treat him as a "squatter"? Or is Brewster a transient and allowed to continue panhandling at area businesses and making friends? 

Time will tell, but his biological clock seems a bit off. He is not waking neighbors early or creating any disturbances. In fact, Brewster the Rooster's crowing has been timed around 1:30 in the afternoon.

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WGNS News spoke with Kim Dunaway at Sunshine Nutrition Center. 

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