Child Sex Abuse Cases in Rutherford County Increases Exponentially

Apr 23, 2024 at 09:51 am by WGNS News

RUTHERFORD COUNTY, TN - As the population of Rutherford County continues to grow, the number of criminal cases is also increasing. One particularly disturbing trend is the rise in child sex abuse cases, which spans a wide range of ages among the victims... That was Sharon DeBoer, the Executive Director of the Child Advocacy Center...


When a child is sexually abused in Rutherford County, a report is filed with the Department of Children Services (DCS) and/or the local police department. DCS then informs the Child Advocacy Center that a new case has been created, which leads to a forensic interview... As everything begins to unfold and the investigation continues, a family advocate begins working with the parents (or guardians) of the young victim. One of the goals is to get the abused child into specialized therapy. At the same time, the family advocate also helps to answer any questions that may arise as detectives work to arrest the suspect.

It's always important to close the door on unwanted actions before an opportunity arises. In other words, parents should observe the interactions their children may have in one-on-one settings, as highlighted by DeBoer...Again, she says don't run errands when your child is receiving any type of one-on-one training or coaching and be within a distance to at least hear the interaction. It's important to remember that pedophiles work by gaining trust of both parents and children.

  • To report child abuse in Tennessee, call the Department of Children's Services' Central Intake at 1-877-237-0004. You can remain anonymous. Dial 911 if a child is in immediate danger.


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As a reminder, April is “Child Abuse Prevention Month” and the 11th Annual Hometown Heroes Walk will take place this Friday in downtown Murfreesboro. The event will be on April 26, 2024 - Learn More Here.


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