Thursday Traffic Jams--Pres. George W. Bush in the 'Boro!

Apr 25, 2024 at 05:57 pm by Bart

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(MURFREESBORO) What was happening on NW Broad Street around 4:15PM Thursday afternoon (4/25/2024)? Police squad cars blocked traffic from crossing Broad for about 10-minutes. The gridlock conditions on those cross streets created a major traffic backup while north and south bound motorists on Broad were waved through, not being stopped by traffic signals.


Suddenly there were more sirens, and ten SUVs moved southward from Smyrna toward Murfreesboro. There were five THP SUVs with blue lights flashing. They quickly cleared the area at approximately 45 miles per hour. The cavalcade of vehicles were intermingled with the Troopers along with an equal number of solid black, unmarked SUVs, but with many red and blue emergency strobe lights all brightly flashing. 

It was President George W. Bush and his entourage. The 43rd President of the United States is in Murfreesboro to speak at Middle Tennessee Christian School's "Legacy of Lights" sold-out dinner.

In preparation for the event, MTCS suspended classes around lunchtime (4/25/2024) so that the U.S. Secret Service with the assistance of Murfreesboro Police could assist with security and traffic control. 

In years to come, imagine the memories that students, parents and MTCS supporters will have about "the night President Bush came to Murfreesboro". 




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