Health and Community at the 2024 Murfreesboro Saturday Market - Every Saturday Through October 26th

May 04, 2024 at 09:04 pm by WGNS News


MURFREESBORO, TN - Over the weekend, the 2024 Murfreesboro Saturday Market restarted its season with a vibrant kick-off featuring around 70 vendors encircling the historic Rutherford County Courthouse in downtown Murfreesboro. The weekly event, which is FREE, is from 8 AM to 12 noon every Saturday up until October 26, 2024. The bustling market offers a cornucopia of edible delights, marking its presence with a variety of fresh seasonal fruits and vegetables.





Local vendors proudly display their bounty, ranging from farm-fresh produce to pasture-raised meats and poultry, along with an array of baked goods crafted by skilled local bakers. Artisans and crafters showcase their handmade treasures, while the air is filled with the tunes of local musicians. For those who visited the market this past Saturday, Nashville musician Jesse Black played a few songs before making an appearance at Gallagher Fest, a musical event that also occurred on Saturday. The music added a symphony of charm to the market atmosphere.

With accolades from both patrons and vendors alike, the Murfreesboro Saturday Market has earned its reputation as one of Middle Tennessee's largest and finest.

Health and Wellness: In tune with the idea of wellness, the 2024 season of the Saturday Market spotlights health initiatives. Beyond the allure of fresh produce and locally made products, the market integrates community resources to promote a holistic approach to well-being.

Partnering with the Rutherford County Master Gardeners, the market offers handy gardening resources for those with or without a green thumb. Moreover, the presence of organizations like the Friends of Linebaugh Library enhances the market's appeal by distributing free books, with an aim at fostering a culture of lifelong learning.

History: The backdrop of the market is the historic Rutherford County Courthouse. Murfreesboro is home to one of only six pre-Civil War era courthouses in Tennessee that are still standing today. Constructed in 1859 by architect James H. Yeaman, the County Courthouse bears witness to a tumultuous past. During the Civil War, it served as a Union headquarters, a prison, and a scene of conflict. If you look closely you can find at least one brick that was hit by gunfire – and you may find more!

Join the Market Community: As the market springs to life over the next 26 weeks, residents and visitors are encouraged to stop-by the Saturday Market weekly. As spring folds into summer, guests will see a change in produce as a variety of vendors bring-in new treats, gifts and surprises. Embrace the spirit of the Murfreesboro Saturday Market, where every purchase supports local artists, local farmers, and talented residents that help to weave the fabric of our community.


Next month, a special farmers’ market that is run entirely by KIDS will take place. The special event will be on June15th. Main Street Murfreesboro is working with the Children's Entrepreneur Market of Tennessee to host the children's market in the Bank of America parking lot. Click here to register.


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