Prayer Vigil for Dr. Jimmy Sullivan and Family

May 09, 2024 at 03:19 pm by WGNS



Murfreesboro, TN - There was standing room only at 2:00 o'clock Thursday afternoon (5/9/2024) as a massive cross-section of the community met in front of the Rutherford County Board of Education, 2240 Southpark Drive. 


There was a community prayer vigil for Dr. Jimmy Sulivan and his wife Kaycee, and his sons Declan and Asher. Asher is age 10, their youngest son, and the one who is now at Vanderbilt Medical Center. 

As reported earlier on WGNS, the tragic event occurred in the Christiana community. The storm had moved out of the area and neighbors were helping each other clean debris and put up downed fences. 

The children were playing in the streets and 10-year-old Asher lost his shoe and it was swept near a storm drain. The 10-year-old tried to grab the shoe, but fell into the drain. It took him under the roadway and out the other side.

Paramedics did CPR and Asher started breathing again.

County School Director Dr. Jimmy Sullivan said, "We need prayers for a miracle. His lungs are severely damaged and he is not showing much brain activity outside of muscle jerks. Specifically, pray for healing for his lungs and most importantly brain activity to occur."

Prayer Vigil

WGNS asked Rutherford County School's Chief Communications Officer James Evans how the idea of the Prayer Vigil came about...

Here is the entire PRAYER VIGIL at the Rutherford County Board of Education Building

WGNS Spoke With Persons In Audience

By the way, that noise you hear loudly in the background is sound of cicadas.

NewsRadio WGNS will keep the community apprised of how Asher is doing, along with updates on future events dealing with Dr. Jimmy Sullivan and his family. 

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