Murfreesboro Police Dispel False Social Media Claims of Missing Child

May 13, 2024 at 01:36 pm by WGNS News


MURFREESBORO, TN - A troubling social media post has emerged, sparking concerns and frustrations among the community and law enforcement officials alike. The post, claiming the discovery of a two-year-old child in Murfreesboro, has prompted immediate action from the authorities, who are now actively working to debunk the misinformation.


False Post: “This little boy, approximately 2 years old, was found in #murfreesboro 1 hour ago. Officers have the child safe at the Police Station but we have no idea where he lives. No one has called looking for him. Please Bump this post.” 


An unknown subject posted the image of a small child who appears to be covered in cuts, scrapes and bruises. The post description above the photo states that the child was found in Murfreesboro and that officers purportedly have the child in a safe place at the Police Station. However, investigators have refuted these claims, asserting that no such incident has occurred. In a statement released by the Murfreesboro Police Department (MPD), they categorically denied the authenticity of the post, emphasizing, "THIS IS NOT TRUE."

Amidst concerns over the spread of false information, the MPD has urged the community not to share the post in question. Public Information Officer Larry Flowers emphasized the importance of accuracy in disseminating information, stating, "If you have already shared, please delete the post." Flowers further clarified that if such an incident were genuine, the police department would have promptly notified the public, highlighting their commitment to the safety and security of residents.

As the investigation continues, authorities are actively working to address the dissemination of false information while ensuring public trust and confidence in law enforcement efforts. Below was released by the MPD on Monday, 05/13/2024. 

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