MLT "Clocks Are Like Angels" at Oaklands Mansion

May 24, 2024 at 12:58 pm by WGNS

Fri. (June 14, 2024) 7PM "CLOCKS ARE LIKE ANGELS" at Oaklands Mansion (900 N. Maney Ave., Murfreesboro). It is presented by Murfreesboro Little Theatre (MLT). This was presented at an Appalachian Play Writing Festival. This play takes place in a small town in East Tennessee in 1933, when the TVA began dam construction and started buying up land and displacing families. The story opens with a family burying their fifth baby, and later they find out that they must rebury their dead as part of their forced move, which is just unthinkable. As the stakes intensify, they must grapple with the idea if life is still worth living at all. Twists and turns and betrayals ensue, leading to a tragic ending. Phone 615-893-9825.

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