When Will The Lovely CICADAS SONG End?

May 25, 2024 at 10:09 am by WGNS

Rutherford County, TN - Despite the confusion, the singing cicadas in Rutherford County only have a few more musical notes to share.  

The volume swelling up and down is the wooing spring love song that enables these creatures to attract a mate. That cycle is on the downward spiral, and our flying friends will soon return to hibernation. 


How soon? Well, entomologists say mid-June for most cicadas, but some may linger until early-July. 

I was walking into a fast-food restaurant and noticed a shocked-look on the three persons who greeted me at the counter.

One said, "You've got a bug on your shoulder". 

I instinctively brushed it off and the cicadas flew around the counter, screeching and causing the food servers to duck, scream and go wild. 

Obviously, they were not aware that cicadas are good for our environment. Not only do they aerate our soil while improving water filtration, but these singing critters provide high-protein food for birds and other predators. 

Rutherford County Agriculture Extension Agent Mitchell Mote told WGNS that the cicadas get more personal with you while you mowing the yard or running a weed eater...

Again, these singing cherubs are on the down cycle of their days in Rutherford County and will become only a memory by mid-June or early-July. Thanks for sharing "your own kind of music". 

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