Today, WGNS Learns about the Murfreesboro City Schools ESP Program

Jun 04, 2024 at 10:34 am by WGNS News

Podcast Hosted by Scott Walker with WGNS

Guests Today:

  • Murfreesboro City Schools ESP Coordinator: Cynthia Hopkins
  • City Schools Communications Specialist: Torri Carr

What is ESP? The Extended School Program (ESP) provides an educationally enriching, safe, and fun experience for all students of Murfreesboro City Schools during before and after school hours.  

The Extended School Program (ESP) has been serving the students of Murfreesboro City Schools since 1986. It was the "brainchild" of Becci Bookner. She was asked to visit school systems across the nation to tell about this unique new service.  After all, that was 38-years ago.  Dr. John Hodge Jones was the MCS School Superintendent back then. 

Since the beginning, we have been committed to providing families with enriching, safe and fun experiences for their children during before and after school hours. Whether we are coding LEGO robots, playing gym games, or learning to cook meals in Edible Education, our mission is the same: to help prepare students for success.

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