Albino Groundhog Spotted in Rutherford County

Jun 20, 2024 at 06:30 pm by WGNS

Photo by Stones River National Battlefield Ranger Rachel. The groundhog was spotted in her Rutherford County neighborhood.

An albino groundhog was recently seen in Rutherford County. Ranger Rachel at the Stones River National Battlefield Wednesday spotted an albino groundhog in her neighborhood and shared it on the park's social media.

Albino groundhogs are extremely rare. According to various sources, the probability of encountering an albino groundhog is extremely low. The Missouri Department of Conservation says it's a one in 10-thousand chance.


The Stones River National Battlefield post explains groundhogs are an important part of the park’s ecosystems and be seen throughout the battlefield. Granted, they say, sometimes they can wreak havoc on cultural resources. Groundhogs dig deep and extensive burrow systems that can destabilize the earthworks and cause them to partially collapse.

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