All-Terrain Wheelchairs: Enabling Freedom and Exploration

Jun 22, 2024 at 08:27 am by WGNS


Tennessee - Here's exciting news for persons who have mobility challenges. Tennessee State Parks are offering all terrain wheel chairs free to visitors, on an “as available” basis.  It is suggested that you reserve one in advance.


All-terrain wheelchairs are revolutionizing outdoor accessibility for individuals with mobility impairments. Designed to navigate diverse landscapes, these specialized wheelchairs empower park visitors to explore natural environments that were once off-limits.

In this area, the all-terrain wheel chairs are at Long Hunters State Park on the Davidson-Rutherford County line, Radnor Lake, Henry Horton, Tims Ford, and Natchez Trace.

Breaking Barriers--Accessible Trails for All

Imagine gliding through rugged trails, across sandy beaches, or over grassy meadows—all while seated in a wheelchair. All-terrain wheelchairs make this vision a reality. Parks across the state now offer these specialized chairs, ensuring that everyone can experience the great outdoors.

Independence and Inclusion

The all-terrain wheelchair experience is liberating. Visitors of all ages—children and adults alike—can operate these chairs independently. For those who require assistance, caretaker control options are available. It’s about more than mobility; it’s about fostering a sense of belonging and adventure.

Park-Specific Trails

Each park tailors its all-terrain wheelchair offerings to match its unique landscape. Whether it’s a forested trail, a lakeside path, or a rocky hillside, there’s an accessible route waiting for you. Check with your local park to discover the trail experiences they provide.

The Future of Accessibility

As parks actively expand their all-terrain wheelchair programs, more visitors will enjoy the freedom to explore. These chairs aren’t just about mobility; they’re about breaking down barriers and connecting people with nature.

So, next time you plan an outdoor adventure at a Tennessee State Park, consider the all-terrain wheelchair—an invitation to discover the beauty of our state, one trail at a time.

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