PTSD Beyond the Battlefield: Identifying and Addressing Trauma

Jul 05, 2024 at 10:34 am by WGNS News

Listen to our recent interview about PTSD and the VA PTSD Clinic in Rutherford County below.


RUTHERFORD COUNTY, TN - PTSD is a very real problem that often goes unrecognized by those who suffer from it... Elisa Gitan at the VA PTSD Clinic in Murfreesboro highlighted a few of the signs to look for in loved ones... Other indicators can include avoidance of certain places or activities, and heightened reactions to everyday situations. Again, these are just a few of the signs or symptoms to look for.


Gitan highlighted that PTSD can arise from various life-altering traumas, not just from service in foreign conflicts or wars... In addition to sexual assault and combat, PTSD can develop after witnessing or being involved in natural disasters, serious accidents, terrorist incidents, or witnessing the sudden death of a loved one.

While the list of traumas that can lead to a PTSD diagnosis are well-known, many may not realize how good life can be after treatment. Gitan has observed profound improvements in the lives of those affected by PTSD after successful treatment... Through effective treatment, individuals with PTSD can regain control over their lives - - control that may not have existed if their PTSD stems from a childhood event. With treatment, you can live a more fulfilling and purposeful life with stronger relationships, increased self-esteem, and a renewed sense of hope and optimism.

  • PTSD HELP FOR VETERANS: To learn more about enrolling in the PTSD Clinic at the VA in Murfreesboro, call 615-225-3600 or visit the National PTSD Center for Veterans online at

  • PTSD SERVICES FOR CIVILIANS: Anyone in Tennessee, civilian or military, can discretely take the online screening test for PTSD through the state's website: PTSD Screening ( You can also learn about mental health related programs in Tennessee HERE.

  • Listen to our entire interview above this article. 


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