Did You Hear a BIG BOOM in the Area of Smyrna Monday Night?

Jun 04, 2013 at 01:44 pm by bryan

WGNS has received multiple phone calls and emails from residents in the area of Smyrna telling us that they heard a loud “BOOM” sound Monday night. The sound was heard around 8:30 in the evening.

WGNS checked with the Smyrna Police Department where we talked to Police Chief Kevin Arnold. Arnold told us, “We received several complaints last night about that. The Sheriff’s Office also received complaints. From the log this morning it appears nothing was found.”


We then headed to the Smyrna / Rutherford County Airport. There, we were told that no “BOOM” sounds involving airplanes were reported on Monday night.  Several workers there told us they did not hear the “BOOM.”

So that leaves us with the big question… What was that big “BOOM” sound that was heard Monday? It seems as if we cannot find the answer to that mystery. 

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