UPDATE: WGNS Conducts Interview with Woman Who Turned in Murfreesboro Suspect Accused of Having Child Pornography

Jun 07, 2013 at 06:15 am by bryan

WGNS has ANOTHER update on a man we first told you about in May who allegedly had child pornography on his cell phone. The reported pictures were discovered by a Kentucky woman who met the suspect online and then in person while visiting Nashville. Tosha Rowland told us she met 27-year old Matthew Huges on a dating website. So what was the headline that Rowland posted about herself on the dating site?


Rowland told us her night with Hughes started at a Nashville bar and then progressed to a relative's condo and eventually to a Nashville hotel. It was at that hotel that Rowland said Hughes showed her his cell phone. Rowland told us what she saw on the phone.

Rowland said that other pictures included random girls at what appeared to be a shopping mall, girls in volleyball shorts, a transgendered individual and a girl using the bathroom. After Hughes showed Rowland the pictures he supposedly commented that she was flat chested and that he liked that because it made her appear to look younger.

Rowland eventually left the hotel room after performing a sexual act that she suggested she felt compelled to participate in, to end the evening and to get him out of the room. After leaving Rowland called the police, but an arrest was not immediately made. Rowland talked to Nashville authorities who did not appear to be interested in the case because she did not want to file any charges against Hughes. Nashville Police told her to call Murfreesboro authorities, because Hughes lives in Murfreesboro, which is where the cell phone is located.

Rowland told WGNS that two days after her initial contact with Hughes, he texted her and asked if the alleged pictures of children bothered her? Rowland said she called the Murfreesboro Police Department to inquire on what her next move should be. She said they told her to play along with the text. It is what was said in the text that she claims gave her a mental breakdown.

Hughes, of Knollwood Drive in Murfreesboro, was charged with a total of 10-counts of sexual exploitation of a minor. During questioning at the Murfreesboro Police Department, Detective Tannas Knox wrote, “Mr. Hughes admitted to having multiple images of child porn on his cell phone.” A search warrant allowed Detective Knox to look through his phone and a signed consent form allowed for the search of Hughes’ laptop computer. The suspect is currently free on bond. 

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The 31-year old woman who lives in Kentucky told officers in Murfreesboro that she met Hughes via “PlentyOfFish.com.” A second police report was also filed in Nashville.

WGNS obtained a police report from the Murfreesboro Police Department that confirms the day before he was arrested and booked into the local jail on previous charges of sexual exploitation of a minor. Then, a day later after posting bond and going home, he was re-arrested on even more related charges. When he was arrested a second time, three officers showed up at his home to take him into custody.

Hughes was booked into the Rutherford County Adult Detention Center under a $1-million dollar bond. He is currently out after posting bond.

Tosha Rowland told WGNS even more about her conversations with Hughes. Below is audio that was not heard on the radio…

Below is a photo of Tosha Rowland:


Rutherford County Sheriff’s Office
MPD Arrest Report #13-10304
MPD Incident Report #13-10039
Tosha Rowland – Verified information linking
her to the police report on file with MPD, linking
her to FaceBook and her email address. 

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