Odd Incident: An Alleged Fight Where a Baseball Bat, Metal Pipe and Gun Were never Used?

Jun 07, 2013 at 01:30 am by bryan

A metal pipe, a gun and a baseball bat were recovered from the scene of a fight that was captured on video. Police responded to 350 Tremont Drive in the ‘Boro where they were advised of a fight that was caught on camera.

A single Witness said that 21-year old Rebecca Birk was armed with a gun when she approached 34-year old Nokomis Givens. A police report shows that Birk told police she approached Givens to address him about an incident. Givens, who had allegedly gotten into a fight with Birk’s boyfriend William Cole, age 21, told police he thought he was going to be shot by Birk. Prior to the alleged fight that sent police to the Tremont Drive address, Givens was reportedly armed with a metal pipe and Cole with a baseball bat. The two men were seen on tape dropping the weapons and getting into a fist fight. Even though the weapons were only used in a threatening pre-fight situation, Police still seized the pipe, baseball bat and handgun, which turned out to be a small caliber .22.


The reason for the fight was not documented, but the fight itself was. Birk, Cole and Givens were each arrested and will appear in court on July 30th for their alleged involvement in the mishap.


MPD Arrest Report #13-11116 A,B,C

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