UPDATE: Where is Shelly Mook?

Aug 02, 2011 at 05:53 am by bryan

A Bedford County judge has awarded custody of Shelley Mooks daughter to the grandmother.

Mook is the woman who was reported missing after her burned up car was found in Rutherford County this past February. Bedford County Judge Lee Russell ordered that the 6-year-old girl be placed in the custody of her grandmother, Debra Sikora. The judge also ruled that the father Tyler Mook, who had asked the court for custody of the girl, would be granted visitation and that he take anger management classes. Shelley Mook has been missing since Feb. 28 when she was last seen dropping her daughter off at the home of her former husband before heading to Murfreesboro, where her car was later found burned. To date, Mook has not been found. 

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