Unnamed Company Could Create 1,150 New Jobs in Rutherford County

Aug 24, 2011 at 01:59 pm by bryan

Some potentially good news for unemployed residents in Rutherford County… The Chamber of Commerce is in the midst of talks with an unnamed company that could bring in 1,150 new jobs.  The Rutherford County Industrial Development Board has already approved two tax break proposals to offer the company if they pull the trigger on locating in our community.

If the company opens a sort, distribution and warehouse facility the company says they will need 1,150 full time workers. If the company opens a non sort warehouse facility, the company will need 325 employees. A sort facility is a distribution hub where packages are sorted prior to being shipped out.


The county has approved a 20-year tax abatement on the sort facility and a 15-year tax abatement on the non-sort facility. Keep in mind that the sort facility would bring with it 1,150 jobs. Under the 20-year agreement, the company would invest $87.5-million dollars on construction and have a $133.9-million dollar impact on Rutherford County. Under the 15-year abatement, the company would spend $51.5-million dollars on construction and have an economic impact of $82.6-million dollars on Rutherford County.

Again, the name of the company has not been released. 

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