"Operation Hat Trick" at Lightning's Locker Room

Feb 01, 2012 at 11:31 pm by bryan

Middle Tennessee Athletics has teamed up with Lightning’s Locker Room to promote "Operation Hat Trick," an initiative that will donate hats to injured military personnel. In addition to the national fund raising effort, Lightning’s Locker Room and Ideas Tees will donate an MTSU hat to the local V.A. hospital for each three Blue Raider “OHT” hats sold.

This program, first initiated by the University of New Hampshire, was created in honor of two fallen Navy SEALs and will leverage Middle Tennessee and other leading university brands throughout the country to raise funds to support the Veteran’s Administration Medical Center General Post Fund. This initiative was spurred by a radio segment in early 2008 that reported "the thing most wanted by those members of the military who have received head injuries in Iraq and Afghanistan, is a baseball cap to cover their wounds, dressings and scars." "Operation Hat Trick" was coined after the term used when one player scores three goals in a hockey game.

Lightning’s will offer three “OHT” hats including a royal cloth cap, a faded forest camouflage design and royal summer cap all featuring the MT logo and “OHT” design. Please join Lightning's Locker Room in support of this most worthy and fulfilling cause. Hats will be available at MTSU games and it’s off campus location on Ridgely Road as long as the supply lasts.

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