Friday Night Football Scoreboard Postgame Returns

Aug 07, 2020 at 10:28 pm by bryan

WGNS Primetime Sports will partner with the TriStar Sports Radio Network to provide a high school football postgame scoreboard show this season.

The previous postgame scoreboard show was hosted by the late Dennis Weaver and ended before last season when he got the call to the football play-by-play booth. That left a void after games as people were headed home, who wanted to listen to the night's results.

This year, J.P. Plant will host TriStar Friday Night Live after WGNS coverage of the weekly games until 11PM. The show will run down scores from all across Middle Tennessee and beyond in a fast-paced, entertaining environment. In addition to constant updates of the scoreboard, Plant will interview coaches, announcers and reporters that were under the lights for first hand accounts of the action on the gridiron.

“We want to provide a local angle to our show by talking directly to those that were at the game,” said Plant. “High school football is just as much about the local community as it is the school. There is a void left from our friend Dennis Weaver who hosted Friday Night Thunder for years. We just want to try and fill that need that he and others created.”

Plant will broadcast from Columbia and has built a network six stations and growing across Middle Tennessee.

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