The COVID Fight to Survival for One Murfreesboro Man

Mark Lively tested positive for COVID-19 in March 2021, just before vaccines became available for his age group. Despite being a healthy eater and regular gym-goer, Mark experienced a rapid decline
Mark had to be admitted to the local hospital in Murfreesboro, TN (Ascension Saint Thomas Rutheford)
"After surgery on my right lung, Dr. Ward Houck called me Lazarus in reference to the Biblical man who was raised from the dead," reflects Mark in awe.
Mark lost 54 pounds during his battle with COVID-19 and, when he was released from the hospital for in-patient rehabilitation, he was so weak that standing for even 20 seconds was a huge accomplishment.
Mark Lively has been so thankful and has shown so much gratitude to his personal healthcare heroes.
From bed ridden and unable to speak, to walking, exercising and actually living again - Lively has been through a lot.
The road to recovery.
On Monday, Nov. 22nd, Mark Lively returned to Ascension Saint Thomas Rutherford, but not for additional help with COVID! - WGNS Photo
Lively returned to thank the nurses. - WGNS Photo
He thanked all the nurses and staff who helped him on his journey from COVID to healing. - WGNS Photo
Lively also returned to thank the doctors who helped him in a major way. d him win against his COVID fight. WGNS NEWS
The meeting, that involved hugs and tears, took place inside the local hospital on Monday (Nov. 22).
Mr. Lively was full of life as he spoke to hospital staff, doctors, nurses and administrators for the car he received in Murfreesboro. - WGNS PHOTO
The Monday before Thanksgiving will be one that Lively and his family and friends will never forget. - WGNS Photo
WGNS RADIO NEWS RADIO FM 100.5 in Smyrna, and FM 101.9, AM 1450 in Murfreesboro were there as he passed along his thankfulness on Monday the before Thanksgiving.
WGNS' Bart Walker was there and said, "Mark Lively certainly has a wonderful THANKSGIVING story, because of the wonderful staff at Ascension St. Thomas."
Aerial photo of the hospital campus in Murfreesboro on Medical Center Parkway.
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