Several ads and news releases from the 1980's

In the 1980's, WGNS would send out a daily fax that updated business owners on new topics for the day. Of course, this was before people could simply "log on" to to read the daily news. Below are some of the faxes that WGNS sent out in 1986. The below stories were also reported on AM 1450.
WGNS was also in the Daily News Journal daily. One of our featured ads was printed in the late 1970's. Back then, a DJ named "Wolfman Jack" was very popular. WGNS carried his show daily.
WGNS has always been involved with the local schools. Below is an article from the 1980's when WGNS visited a McFadden classroom. Today, WGNS awards an "Educator of the Month."
WGNS aired music in our early years of broadcasting. In fact, it was not unitl 1990 that we switched to an all news, sports and talk format. Below is a sample of one of our early logo's. The letterhead was from 1986 and the picture of the car on the letterhead was used on several print ads.