Community events involving WGNS - Lots of photos from the 90's and 80's

Bart talking to Dan Whittle below. At the time Dan wrote for the Daily News Journal. Today Dan is retired, but still writes a great column in the Murfreesboro Post. Date: July 4, 1996.
Bart Walker interviewing former Red Cross Director Nancy McGill in 1991. And below those 3 photos is a picture of former Rutherford Emergency Management Director Bill Travis (gray sport jacket).
The Riverdale baseball team in front of a WGNS sign. This was in 1989.
WGNS has always been involved in local sports. In fact, we have been a part of local sports since 1947. This picture below is from 1996.
A picture of an interview at Uncle Dave Macon Days in 1995
Alexander Ford was a major part of our community during the 80's, 90's and 2000's. These are photos from a truck giveaway in the mid 1990's.
Alexander Ford was a major part of our community during the 80's, 90's and 2000's. These are photos from a truck giveaway in the mid 1990's.
This is a picture that WGNS took during a blood drive we participated at the Red Cross office. In this photo is Leeann Walker. Over the years both Bart Walker and Scott Walker have been heavily involved in the Red Cross. Both served on the board in the late 1990's and during the early part of 2000. Bart is a past president of the local chapter of the Red Cross and Scott served as the head of fundraising in 2010. Yes, he surpassed his goal of $245,000 by nearly $50,000. The vice chair to fundraising in '09 was Jonathan Jones who is currently in charge of sales at Venture Express.
The ground breaking for the NEW Rutherford County Chamber of Commerce in 1996.
a picture from the 1996 Uncle Dave Macon Days. With the mic and conducting an interview is Jeff Adrian. This was at Cannonsburgh Pioneer Village.
This is another 1996 picture. This is of Bart Walker and Andrea Dearden who worked as an announcer and board engineer in the mid 90's.
Ludlow Porch was a big hit on WGNS in the 1990's. Here is a picture of him doing his radio show "live" from the stage of the Murfreesboro Center for the Arts on West College Street. This gave his fans an opportunity to meet him in person. (Below left) A listener and Ludlow, (stage picture, L-R) Murfreesboro Mayor Joe B. Jackson, WGNS' Bart Walker, Ludlow's co-host and engineer Denny Ainsworth, and of course--humorist Ludlow Porch. With the new century, Ludlow Porch had slipped from the 1450 airwaves, however listeners were still sadened to learn that the man who had them laughing each morning for years, passed away February 11, 2011.
a picture of WGNS employees Jeff Lester (left), Ludlow Porch (talk show host - middle) and Andrea Dearden on the far right. This was in front o fthe Center for the Arts, where Ludlow just finished his "live" radio broadcast.
This is a snapshot of a "LIVE" remote at the grand opening of Precision Tune. Bart is talking to owner Michael Searcy.
Presidential candidate Bob Dole visited Murfreesboro. He spoke the new Murfreesboro Civic Plaze. WGNS' Bart Walker and Bryan Barrett conducted a live broadcast of the event.
Secret Service Agent on top of the City Hall roof in 1996 when Dole visitied.
Curt Miller broadcast "LIVE" from MTSU Fan Day in 2006. Shortly after this photo was taken Curt took a major step up by accepting a job as a producer for Fox 17.
The G-Man with Rutherford County Sheriff Truman Jones in 2007. After Liddy finished his broadcast at the station, Sheriff Jones provided him with a deputy escort to Puleo's Grill for Lunch on NW Broad Street. Today, both Liddy and Jones are retired. The only difference is, Jones now does his own radio show on WGNS
Bryan Barrett on the move. This picture was taken in 2011.
Being able to broadcast “live” from a remote location is much easier now. In fact, digital technology allows WGNS to broadcast live with studio quality from any place in the world. After having an unexpected triple heart bypass in June, 2011, WGNS’ Bart Walker was honored at the local Heart Walk at Middle Tennessee Medical Center the next year. Walker decided to broadcast “live” from the event. All that was needed was the small piece of equipment you see hanging around his neck. In fact, he not only did his radio show with guests in the parking lot before the walk, but he continued the remote broadcast live talking with MTMC President and CEO Gordon Ferguson while they were walking the two-mile course. Walker remembered, “While walking, I planned to talk with other participants. The walk was going at such a consistent pace, it was impossible to move ahead—so Gordon and I talked about the hospital while trying not to show that we were out of breath.” (Photo below, L-R) Bart with mic and red cap, Scott Walker and Lee Ann Walker.
This is Bart Walker on the right and listener Bryan Waites on the left - 1995.
1995 - The bottom picture is of Bobbie Hayes, our WGNS religious director of Sunday broadcast. She is with listener "Beverly." The picture just above Bobbie is Bryan Barrett on the left and Beverly on the right.
WGNS has always been involved in the community. The below picture is in 1990. This was taken at Middle Tennessee Christian School. This was during a collection of baby items for the needy.
Fun times... This is a picture taken during the annual Street Festival in the late 1980's and early 90's. The street festival no longer takes place. Those are some of the Cripple Creek Cloggers marching past the fire truck.
Bart is interviewing Pator Woodrow Medlock in year 2001
In 1986 the staff at WGNS participated in one of many local home and garden shows. This one was in MTSU's Murphy Center.
This picture was at a live remote in 1989. From left to right - WGNS employees Bart Walker, Lisa Trail, Chris Shya.
This is a photo at a fundraiser for Leukimia Research. It was held in Murfreesboro, and that's Bart in the WGNS bird outfit.
Before Reeves Sain Drugstore opened, the location across from MTCS was a toy store. WGNS was at the toy store during the grand opening (as seen below). This was in 1984. If you notice, the WGNS mascot has a cool Michael Jackson jacket on. It was in style at the time.
Several other live remotes in Murfreesboro. These pictures were made around 1984.
These photos are from an event that was held on Memorial Blvd. during an event at the opening of a local grocery store called Frank's IGA. The location is now Haynes Hardware, behind Reeves Sain Drugstore.
Ralph Vaughn is in this black and white photo in front of Piggly Wiggly on Memorial Blvd. This is where Hasting's is today
A chili cook off in Murfreesboro in 1986. In the yellow shirt is Nancy Rutledge. She was a long time employee of WGNS in the 1980's. She has since passed away. Also in this photo is Bobbie Hayes (top left picture - below). Bobbie has been part of WGNS for OVER 35 years.
1988 - During a long, hot summer, WGNS set-up giant blocks of ice in front of Jackson Heights Shopping Center and broadcast "live" where listeners came to submit their guess when the ice would melt. (L-R) WGNS' Ken Gann, Lee Ann Walker and Bart Walker stand behind the ice. We thought it would melt in a day and the event would be over. Nope, it took all weekend for the ice to melt.
In 1989 the Outlet's Malls were going strong on River Rock Blvd. Today, this is the home to the Verizon Wireless Call Center.
Here is a picture of Lisa Trail in the early 1990's. She was a great asset to WGNS and worked in sales.