Premiere 6 Movie Theatre - Celebrating their 55th Anniversary as Renovations are Nearing Completion

The location of Premiere 6 has been a movie theater since 1967 when the Martin Theatre first opened in Jackson Heights Plaza. Bill Brooks later purchased the theater and changed the name to Premiere 6. With a love for the movies Dave Gober, who worked at the theater for years as a youngster and into college, purchased Premiere 6 in 2017. By trade, Gober works at a local bank as a mortgage lender, but continues to make changes at the theater as his love for movies has followed him throughout life. The humble movie theater has come a long way since its start. When the theater opened in 1967, it seated roughly 500 people in one large auditorium. Today, the theater has expanded to add another 500 seats and five new auditoriums, which result in its moniker, Premiere 6 Movie Theatre.
The sign change and the upgrades being made to the front of Premiere 6 and Jackson Heights Plaza continue. The goal for the exterior to be complete is by the end of the year. However, completion could be wrapped up by December, if supplies remain in stock as the work continues.
Photos taken during the process of renovation.
WGNS will post more photos soon!