Spelling Bee 2022

Winner Amelia Bozeman receives award
Speller Freda Morgan (left)
Mr. Murfreesboro Bill Wilson (left), on WGNS Sunday night at 9PM
Great dinner from Copper Ridge Events
There was a tribute to photographer Frank Caperton who passed away July 6, 2022.
USA Mrs. America LaShan Dixon
Carl Montgomery did a great job with the evening's auction.
Group shot of the 2022 Celebrity Spellers
2022 judges for the Celebrity Spelling Bee
Pronouncer was Rev. Martha Touchton, St. Marks United Methodist Church
This is Amelia Bozeman when she correctly spelled "xylorimba" and won the 2022 Celebrity Spelling Bee.
Group shot of all 2022 Celebrity Spellers
The ONE-BOOK will begin in January, 2023, and it is "Maybe You Should Talk To Someone" by Lori Gottlieb.