WGNS Anniversary

WGNS' engineer Glenn Snoddy. He started one of Nashville's most famous recording studios and made many "hits".
Bill Barry did a popular music show on WGNS in 1947.
Central High sports coverage with Ray Duffey and Hollis Harris.
Carl Tipton and the Mid-State Playboys had a radio show daily on WGNS.
Dot Record's Randy Wood and WGNS' John Hood
(L-R) Phil Stanley and Jerry Brown broadcast from the courthouse on the square.
Mayor Joe B. Jackson and Bart Walker chat with local residents on the morning Action Line broadcast.
Bryan Barrett heads off to do a high school football game on WGNS.
G. Gordon Liddy was a regular on WGNS. He would even do his national broadcast here while in Middle Tennessee.
WGNS' Scott Walker (center) is honored by Marty Luffman (left) and State Rep. Mike Sparks (right)