Great Race 062523 A

After the team arrived in Tifton, GA - it was time for a short break, followed by the start of the next journey... to Birmingham, AL. Check out their photos.
During the trip from Tifton, GA to Birmingham, AL, the map was filled with stops, starts and turns.
Tifton, GA to Birmingham, AL: During this leg of the run, they were placed in 3rd for the XCup Division in cumulative scoring, following 2nd place by roughly 4 seconds.
Matt was the driver and Annie Jane was the navigator on Monday.
Stage 2 from Tifton, GA to Birmingham, AL. Lunch stop was in Auburn, AL.
Pulling into Birmingham, AL after a long trek from Tifton, GA. The route was tricky, but the kids cruised into the last stop smiling.
A quick look at the map. The entire race covers Florida to Colorado!