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Ram's Ho-Ho-Ho Road Report

Dec 09, 2023 at 04:19 pm by WGNS

(MURFREESBORO) The weather is certainly a wintry mix of wind, some frigid cold and some comfortable. As motorists are trying to cover a large territory to complete their Chris.... Read More

Ram Warns Motorists of Construction Challenges

Oct 21, 2023 at 10:13 am by WGNS

(MURFREESBORO) Falling leaves, cooler days and cold nights. The season is changing and construction crews are working to make deadlines. Murfreesboro Transportation Department.... Read More

Ram's Warm Weather Road Reports

May 13, 2023 at 06:02 pm by WGNS

(MURFREESBORO)  It's starting to feel a lot like summer. Just a few weeks ago the weather was bouncing back and forth between winter and spring. Now, we've plunged into t.... Read More