Local Unemployment Up: Now 9.2%

Jul 29, 2011 at 11:16 pm by bryan

The number of persons unemployed here in Rutherford County increased to 9.2 per cent for June. That's worse than it was a year ago when the Tennessee Department of Labor and Workforce Development reported that 8.9 per cent of persons here were without jobs. 

Murfreesboro's 9.7 per cent unemployment was higher than the county's figure of 9.2 per cent. Smyrna had 9.2 per cent, while La Vergne dropped .1 when compared to the previous month and scored 9.7 per cent. 

The state figure was 9.8 per cent, which is an increase of .1 per cent compared to the previous month. The job picture in Lincoln County was the rosiest in the state. Only 6.8 per cent of that county's workforce are unemployed. Neighboring Williamson County was second with 7.2 per cent for June, 2011.