Dara Rogers, RN, fourth floor east

Jul 01, 2015 at 07:22 pm by bryan

Dara Rogers is our first HEART FOR HEALING recipient. She is a nurse on the oncology floor at St. Thomas Rutherford Hospital. Co-workers and patients have shared heart-warming stories about how Dara nursing profession is a "calling"--"it's a ministry to care for persons with cancer." Each patient faces different challenges, and Dara's compassion enables her to personally help individuals and to reduce the "fear of the unknown". As the Heart for Health recipient, Dara Rogers receives a beautifully engraved award along with dinner at Peter D's Restaurant. THANK YOU Dara Rogers, a nurse on the Oncology floor at St. Thomas Rutherford Hospital.

Here is the WGNS interview with Dara Rogers . . .

For a link to Dara's full story CLICK HERE.